Sree Eswara was founded by Mr. Loganathan way back in early 90s. The company has been a pioneer in Malaysian Catering Industry, with roots in authentic Malaysian culture. With rapid growth in popularity, we realized that we needed a fresh way to meet the expanding needs of our customers. The development of our catering program was a logical step in providing our superior service to our customers.

In 1992, Sree Eswara Catering was launched. Since then, our focus has been to provide generous portions of freshly prepared dishes at exceptional value. To date, we have catered several thousand functions and events and we are still growing. Our menu and presentation skills are designed to stretch your imagination and value, while subtly stretching your stomach. Our value driven program has menus that fit all event and function needs. We strive to maintain freshness, quality food, quality service and your overall experience in mind while we are delivering.

Our service quality is maintained at the top level in all big, small, private, corporate, party, weddings, birthdays……. Any event of yours is treated as if it is our own event, and thus, we will extend our personalized touch all the way.

Our Mission is to make every event that we undertake a successful one, dedication to top quality service exceeding our customers expectation.